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July 21, 2008

Mean Sangria Saves the Earth

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I make a mean sangria.  This weekend B and R came over and we buried rotting food in my back yard (pictured) which is apparently “good for the environment” and “nurtures plants” (which sounds a lot like communist propaganda to me) and then we had sangria and played darts.  I lost.  I always lose at darts.

This is how you make Mean Sangria.

Buy a bunch of bottles of red wine.  Chuck is fine for our purposes, so much sugar and booze is going in here no one will tell it’s crappy $3 merlot.  Also buy some oranges and apples and other fruits that are tasty.  You should go to the farmer’s market for these things because you will have a sense of self-satisfaction that will fuel you through the week.  Probably bring a canvas bag.  And a hat; it’s hot out there.

Oh yeah, get some booze: either vodka or brandy.  Did I ever tell you how my mom used to make fun of how “Brandy” (you know, “you’re a fine girl, do doo doo doo”) was my dad’s favorite song when they were young?  Sorry, I digress.

Slice up two or three oranges so that they are in that thin happy round shape, like little disks (not soccer game wedges, okay?).  Squeeze the ever-loving life out of another couple of oranges so that you have a pot of happy orange disks and orange juice.  Maybe add a little water.  Then dump a whole bunch of sugar in there while making some self-hating remark about calories because we’re all getting old and fat and these things matter now.  Simmer it for a while and use the time to chop up the remaining apples, oranges and stuff into little cubes… or circles… whatever feels right, this is Montessori sangria!

In a big bowl or pitcher dump your chopped fruit and dowse it in the booze.  How much?  I don’t know, how painful was your childhood?  Then pour in some of that red wine.  Oh, if you want you can add some orange or lime soda water stuff but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker.  Lastly pour in your glorious orange reduction syrup.  If it didn’t get syrupy you need to ad more sugar, stop being such a wuss.  Mix it a little and chill it in the ice box.  By the way we’re calling them ice boxes again, tell your friends.  


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  1. Are B and R taking their compost back after it’s had some time to…, um, compost?

    Comment by Brother Chris — July 25, 2008 @ 6:40 am

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