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July 24, 2008

Meet the Triforium

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The Triforium was gifted to the City of Los Angeles by space aliens from the planet 1975.  Its blinking multi color lights send out a code that can only be interpreted by said aliens but from what I’ve been able to piece together it as something to do with a man named “Newhart” and “it’s really all a dream.”  I have no idea what that means.  Crazy aliens.

Actually, the Triforium is perhaps one of my favorite pieces of public art.  Would it be possible not to smile every time you came and went from work if there were a 60-ton Light Bright on stilts right outside?  The sculpture captures all that was good about the oft misunderstood 1970’s and it draws us forward into a future where we just might have ended up wearing silver onesies with v-shaped stripes.
The sculpture was originally intended to include laser beams and used to sit over a small pond.  Also, it houses glass carillon bells that were set to play in response to motion detectors located around the plaza in which it is located (the lights would blink accordingly).  As a back up, there is a “Triforium Room” located across from the Quizno’s downstairs which houses an organ that could be used to play more conventional tunes on the bells.  Before I die, I will enter the Triforium Room.  Unfortunately a crotchety judge across the street found the noise disruptive and had the sculpture silenced.  Occasionally K-Earth 101 is given air play form the ladybug speakers that were added somewhat recently.  “Sherry Baby” by the Four Seasons is almost as cool as random motion detecting lasers and bells, right?  Did I mention that the lasers were supposed to be visible from space?  They were supposed to be visible from space.
Next time you’re in Downtown LA come say hi to the Triforium and give it a hug.  It likes people!


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