Qualified Condition

August 5, 2008

“…for making Whoopie.”

Filed under: Non Sequiters for $500 Alex — qualifiedcondition @ 11:31 pm

I hurried down to Macy’s Plaza at lunch today to get a new pair of black shoes.  The soul fell off my right shoe completely, while I was walking down the hall at work.  It’s actually really funny when you’re mid-stride and your shoe-soul just goes kerplop behind you (“If I take another step will a sleeve fall off or something?”).

While cruising through the tragic 1980’s shopping monster with no windows (Macy’s Plaza) I encountered a piano player on a lonely platform in the middle of the mall pounding out that “another reason, another season for making whoopie” song.  About 10 feet away sat a lone elderly woman in a single folding chair sporting a yellow pant-suit happily listening to the mall piano man.  Just as I was about to decide in my head that Macy’s Plaza is an utterly bizzare place and that having a live piano player is about as meaningful as having sculpture in the middle of a pig pen, a large Latina woman left her child-in-stroller, hiked the stairs and traversed the 20-foot platform to slip some cash into the man’s tip glass.  It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while.

Thank God I’m not right all the time.  Or even most of the time.


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