Qualified Condition

August 10, 2008

Paint and Booze

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I finally painted the door that Ed the dog ate.  Actually, to be fair, he didn’t eat the door, he at the doorframe. Also he ate the window sill.  And the mini blinds.  And the back door.  Oh Ed.  Hopefully you’re frolicking somewhere on a big farm chasing rabbits and eating all the early 20th Century architectural details you can get your big drooly mouth around.

I purchased the paint at Jill’s Paint in Atwater.  They have a wonderful historic paint palette section and a wide variety or brushes and rollers and those little gadgets that are supposed to make painting easier but just make a mess.  Oh, and they have a bar.  Well, it’s not really a bar per se, there’s an alcove with a counter and a fridge and a bunch of wine.  You can’t just belly up to the bar and demand a drink because no one’s back there.  It’s a little like Fight Club or getting into Hogwarts or something, you’ve to work it just right.  I think pretty much if you just comment on the alcove being there or say something like “boy, if only one could imbibe a cold beer and buy historically appropriate earthtone paints for their Craftsman duplex that the dog ate…”

This is when Jill comes out.  Near as I can tell her job is to have a drink with you.  She might do payroll too.  The dude behind the counter mixes your paint and Jill is suddenly your wingman.  Topics of conversation may include the Olympics, Los Angeles in the 80’s, the current presidential administration, and the smurfs.  I bet you can talk to her about other things too though.  He job is to drink with you, I’m sure she can handle your awkward ass.


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