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August 10, 2008

Rock Row in Eagle Rock

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I was lamenting earlier about crappy buildings in Northeast LA so I thought I’d balance out our chi and post something on a good project underway–and this one’s on my street!  This is Rock Row on Yosemite Drive, it’s a 15-unit town home development that I first read about on LA Curbed.  There are two things that are kinda cool about this project.

1.  It uses the City’s small lot subdivision ordinance–a newish ordinance that was supposed to revolutionize multi-family projects in this City but has instead been embraced by the development community with about as much enthusiasm as the French for Euro Disney.  The basic idea is that makes it possible to divide the land for town homes which are under independent ownership rather than condos.  It would be as boring for me to write about the difference as it would be for you to read it.  Just agree with me that it’s cool that someone is building town homes around here.

2.  The project will be LEED Certified which means that it’s environmentally friendly.  Some of the obvious features would be efficient appliances and HVAC, thrifty showers and terlets, instant hot water heaters and a pervious grass-crete driveway!  I don’t care if it’s a slaughterhouse with a sweatshop upstairs, if it has semi-porous paved surfaces I’m going to love it.  (What is it with me and pavement these days?)

Also the project seems to land somewhere on the good side of the modern stucco cube with Corbu horizontal windows and minimal materials.  But rest ashured, Rock Row, if horse tail somehow makes it on your final landscape plan I will turn on you like a wildcat with herpes.  I mean rabies.  Hell, both.



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