Qualified Condition

August 11, 2008


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I’m a strong believer that one should be frightened by the threat of imminent death or disaster at least once or twice every day.  Consequently Boli and I stripped my bike down into a fixed gear this weekend.  If you’re not sure what that means, basically the chain is fixed to the fore and aft gears without a freewheel mechanism (and every other loose part gets stripped of too).  This means there is no coasting and to stop you have to use your legs to slow the bike down.  A lot of hard-core dudes out there don’t have brakes.  I am a pussy and so I have a front brake.

The result is a bike that looks sexy as hell and is a ton of fun to ride.  Pedaling feels a bit like what it might feel like to take those big bounding Neil Armstrong steps on the moon.  Really, the body just feels much more integrated and in control of the machine.  Until a hill comes along, then it’s just time to focus on not dying and/or screaming like a little girl.

I also bought some new tires and wheels at Open Road in Pasadena.  It’s a cool bike shop that has a ton of parts and seems to not be staffed by compulsive up-sellers like we have at our two bike shops here in Highland Park.  More importantly though, there is a Bunny Rabbit Museum.  Now, unlike our earlier alcove adventure at Jill’s Paint which resulted in a cold beer, this is an alcove that is filled with all manner of bunny paraphernalia.  I struggle to explain this in a manner that does not affix judgment so I will just say that I tried to take pictures but they didn’t turn out so good because I was nervous.  The Bunny Museum made me nervous and uneasy and I cried a little.  I think it’s time to go buy some more paint.


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