Qualified Condition

August 15, 2008

Important Questions About the Olympics

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I’ve been trying to keep up with the Olympics because I’m a loyal American and because olympians are hot. As I’ve watched the games a couple of questions come to mind:

1.  Is it necessary to point out that the gymnast took a “small hop” on the landing?  When someone hurls himself or herself through the air doing flips and turns faster than I can fall down the stairs, he or she is probably going to land with a small hop.  I’m okay with it.

2.  At some point, as beach volleyball worked it’s way through history from a friendly pick up game played on the beach, to a competitive sport, to an olympic event do you think anyone has ever questioned the necessity of the swim suit?  Do they have to bring a big towel and a canvas tote bag filled with Coppertone, snacks and trashy novels just to keep it authentic too?


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