Qualified Condition

August 15, 2008

Yo Soy un Dude

Filed under: Food, Non Sequiters for $500 Alex — qualifiedcondition @ 2:38 am

My quest to understand my inner-masculine self has come to a conclusion.  I have purchased a Barbecue (or “BBQ” if you will).  It is egg shaped and of the Weber variety and my penis is now larger than all of yours.  I also picked up a metal briefcase with skewers and tongs and a bear trap in it.  To put it together I decided to destroy the instructions (because this is what all the men do on television sit coms) and use my stone-age hunter instincts to figure out how it goes together.  But then I realized that I don’t have an exasperated wife or a sassy little girl to come along and fix it when my plan turns into folly.  I used the instructions.

I am having a barbecue this weekend.  If you have read this you should come.  4:00.  I promise I won’t talk about my penis again.  Bring a drink.


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  1. Does all this blogging mean that you have too much time on your hands? Himself and I will be at the ‘Q with drinks in hand.

    Comment by Úna — August 16, 2008 @ 12:12 am

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