Qualified Condition

September 10, 2008

Porter the Hospital Dog

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I mentioned that I was in the hospital and now, following the mysterious unnamed abdominal pain joyride of last week, I now have a cold.  Any by “cold” I mean that there is a brick of snot wedged behind my left eye and it is slowly dripping down my throat. Life.  She is so unfair.  

I stayed at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena last week, and if you are shopping for an environment to be poked and prodded in a flimsy geometric print gown I strongly recommend Huntington; it’s very fancy and feels a lot like a hotel and the nurses and doctors were are all very friendly and English proficient.  One of the best things that happened in the hospital (apart from the number of visits and cards from good friends) was a little visit from Porter.  He’s a Boston Terrier.  My mom ran into him and his handler in the hall, I think the conversation went something like this:

Mom:  What a great dog, are you making room visits?

Porter’s Mom:  Yes, he’s a therapy dog, we do rounds around the hospital.

Mom:  You have to stop by my son’s room, he loves dogs, this would make his day!

Porter’s Mom:  We’d love to come cheer your boy up, you bet.

Awkward pause.

Mom:  He’s 30.  My son’s 30, by the way.

Porter’s Mom: Oh we visit everyone!

So the little black and white no-nose wonder came in, licked my hand, did some tricks and even signed a card.  God bless therapy dogs!


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