Qualified Condition

September 18, 2008

Bus Benches for the Directionally Challenged

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I keep seeing these bus bench ads around town.  They say “This is not Olympic and Fig” which is, I’m sure, very helpful for those who might have been lost and thought maybe they were down by the Convention Center.  At first I was only noticing them around Silver Lake and Echo Park and I thought perhaps they were placed by a community group that was upset by all of the light pollution created by the LA Live “sky tracker” lights.  However, the ads look way too edgy to have been pulled off by a NIMBY group.  The photo above was taken in Windsor Square and so my theory is completely off now.  Perhaps this is covert marketing for LA Live?  As though to say, “This is not Olympic and Fig, but don’t you wish you were there?”  I kinda doubt that too.  There aren’t corporate logos (including the LA Live “slutty angel”) all over the benches so it can’t be them.  The benches have a URL, but it’s just a stupid email sign up thing, and they haven’t e-mailed me. 

Does anyone out there know what these are?!



  1. i saw a hitch hiker in echo park with a sign that said “olympic and fig.” i don’t know what the deal is.

    i signed up and i haven’t gotten an email yet either.

    Comment by john arthur — September 21, 2008 @ 9:29 pm

  2. Not sure what it is but i am hella curious. keep me posted

    Comment by liz — September 21, 2008 @ 9:33 pm

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