Qualified Condition

October 4, 2008

Wedding Suit

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I’m officiating a wedding tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited about it, fairly nervous, but mostly just honored.  The bride is actually my oldest friend (by oldest I mean “longest running,” she’s not 97), we met in High School at “Architecture Camp” at Cal Poly, where we learned how to glue chipboard together and call it a building, smoke cigarettes, and how to overlook the misery that would be yet another year of high school ahead of us because we were more like pre-college students than high school seniors  And now she’s getting married to a really great guy and I get to swing the dead cat over their head after they slaughter it to make the union official.

In lieu of the fancy occasion I wanted to get a nice black suit.  Nice black suits tend to cost more than my car, but fortunately my man’s got some connections and we ended up having a friend who designs suits whip one up for me.  Here’s a picture of me at the first fitting.  I’m going to look better than the bride…

Also, since I have attempted a thinly veiled sense of anonymity with this blog I have decided to place Walter Mercado’s head on mine (or is that Blanche from the Golden Girls?)


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  1. First point, no one looks better than the bride!
    Second point, you didn’t get the suit “in lieu” of the fancy occasion but “because” of the fancy occasion.
    Third point, cool suit!

    Comment by Úna — October 6, 2008 @ 2:30 am

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