Qualified Condition

October 31, 2008

“The Witch is on Her Broomstick Flying Very Fast…”

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“OOOHH OOOOH OOOOOH… Halloween at last!”

That was a little song we learned in grade school with the crazy music teacher would come to our class once a month.

Yesterday Kenny and I went to a pumpkin patch in South Pas and scooped up a couple of prime orange squashes.  I carved mine last night and he is sitting on the front porch awaiting a companion (I might have hogged the knives).  This morning there were kids dressed in costumes trick-or-treating around City Hall and presently Kenny is at home putting together our costumes (word to the wise, find yourself a crafty artsy man.  Or woman.)  I’m pretty excited about Halloween this year.

We decided to go as “air dancers”, which are those big inflatable floppy-arm sign things that you see outside car dealerships and stuff.  I was going to write “Zero Down” on mine but I think we might end up in West Hollywood and I’m not sure how, but “zero down” just sounds dirty.  Maybe I should write “Low Interest” instead–after all I think that the air dancer, by definition, defies the compulsion to have a slutty costume.  Not that I have a compulsion to have a slutty costume.  Just other people.

I’ll post some pictures when they’re available.  Have a Happy Halloween, and if you have a fun costume that you’d like to share, send a picture this way and I’ll post it!


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