Qualified Condition

November 8, 2008

Become One with the Trees

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I must confess, the good-times buzz that was once something which characterized this blog seems to be on vacation.  Work and life and bigotry disguised as Christian morality get all in my grille and I forget what fun things there are to write about out there.  Thank God Ms. Chu here has retired, and her compatriots have created such a wonderful flyer.  Just look at this masterpiece.  Now take a deep inhale, breathing from the nose for a count of five and slowly exhale, feeling your abdomen slowly… sorry.  I started channeling yoga.  This flyer brings out my inner chi-monger.

Firstly, Ms. Chu has straight hair with an off-center part and a friendly smile.  I’m of the opinion that you can trust anyone woman with a straight-part-hairdo.  It says I’m calm, low maintenance, kind of like that blonde Muppet who’s in the band with Animal.  I suspect that if I ever had to visit Ms. Chu’s desk at work I would find a few plants and perhaps a little soft instrumental music playing (“nintey-one-seven-the-waaa-haaa-haaave”). 

Secondly, her retirement flyer is all about beautiful nature scenes.  I would love to believe that Ms. Chu will be spending her golden years hiking and swimming in creeks and singing with small woodland creatures.  Or big woodland creatures.  Women with straight-hair-part-dos don’t discriminate.  Whatever she’s doing, I’m sure she’s having a good time.


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