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November 17, 2008

“What Do We Want..?”

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People hold protests and rallies outside City Hall all the time.  Imagine, if you will, how annoying it is to have a faint “hey hey, ho ho, something something’s got to go” repeated over and over outside your office window.  Usually it’s some cause that has nothing to do with my job and by the fifth “what do we want?–something something–when do we want it? NOW” I manage to remember that I have headphones…  or I start humming along, “What do we want? Hole Punches! Where do we want them? On our staff report!”

This Saturday I actually participated in a rally outside City Hall, along with several thousand other people.  The mayor, half of the City Council, our State Assemblyman and a motley assortment of celebrities were there too.  You might recall about a week or so ago that 52-percent of voters in this state decided to strip millions of Californians of their fundamental civil rights, which is a staggering first for this Country… legislation that singles people out and takes away rights, and so now we all have to make clever signs and do the “What do we want? Equal Rights. When do we want them? Now” thing.  


Seth and Christie met up with Kenny and me at the Gold Line station in Highland Park and we joined hundreds of other protesters on transit (of course they’re all riding public transit!).  So much effort has been made on the part of the media to blame particular groups for the outcome of this shameful election so it was such a joyful sight to see a train packed full of white, black, latin, asian, straight, young old gay people holding signs and strollers and getting along.  Last Wednesday felt like such a punch in the gut and I’m not sure if I can really articulate how redemptive it is to see so many people (especially those who aren’t gay) standing up to say that what happended is wrong.  There were a number of speakers but my two favorites were a young gay black actor who talked about gays not allowing themselves to be excluded from family, church and civic life (what I like to call the WeHo phenomena) and a young woman who was raised by gay adoptive parents.  She seems to be better adjusted than I was when I was 20, and there were four straight people participating in my upbringing.


I think the two most clever signs that I saw were, “We want drive-thru weddings too,” and “You’ll let us plan your weddings but you won’t let us have one?”

You can check out my flikr accout (at right) or Seth’s (who takes much better pictures).


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  1. At a demonstration in SLO, there was a guy wearing a T-shirt that read, “No more Mr. Nice Gay.”

    Comment by Ryan — December 15, 2008 @ 12:48 am

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