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November 24, 2008

Bungalow Heaven

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On Saturday I dropped my car off at an upholstery shop.  The driver’s seat has long been worn away into a mess of threadbare fabric and crusty, chipped-away foam.  Sitting on (or in) the seat without the aid of my trusty throw pillow is a little like sitting in the toilet bowl… without all that water.  It’s very uncomfortable and not exactly conducive to working the clutch.  So I took it to an upholstery guy in Pasadena with the intention of just wandering home on foot.  I think that a good wander, at least once a week is pretty necessary for the human soul.

img_0823    img_08191

Along the way I stumbled across Bungalow Heaven.  It’s a historic district in Pasadena that is comprised somewhat exclusively of charming single-story bungalows.  If you’ve ever sat in a car or walked down the street with me you know I looooove a good bungalow so happening across a “heaven” for said structures was wandering gold!  It appears that the neighborhood is remarkably in-tact, though there are a handful of houses that have been jacked-up with stucco or crappy windows or over-scaled additions.  But for the most part there’s more than enough wood-shingles, deep porches, three-color paint schemes to keep a guy like me happy. 

img_0826    img_0821

Unfortunately I dropped my iPhone on the concrete sidewalk about halfway down the first street and I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. (I also stopped for a donut coffee and an old fashioned and I might have been “multi-tasking”).  I’ll be back Bungalow Heaven.  With a nicer camera and better lighting.  Just you wait.


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  1. So…a donut and an old-fashioned? Did you get two donuts or a donut and a cocktail? Here’s the recipe for the cocktail, just in case you want to try it again. Although, that’s probably why you dropped your phone – you were half-in-the-bag in bungalow heaven. We can make you one of these at my house, if you want. I live in apartment heaven.

    There is great contention on the proper way to make an Old Fashioned. Here is one recipe:[citation needed]

    2 ounces (60 ml) bourbon
    Splash of simple syrup or 1 cube sugar and just enough water to dissolve the sugar
    2 dashes bitters
    Old Fashioned glass
    Place sugar (or syrup), bitters, and water in old-fashioned glass
    Crush sugar if needed and coat glass
    Add 2–3 cubes ice and whiskey
    Garnish with twist

    Comment by Úna — November 24, 2008 @ 7:03 pm

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