Qualified Condition

November 24, 2008

Seven Years Bad Luck

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I’ve dropped my iPhone numerous times and I had begun to think that it was perhaps invincible.  Unfortunately, in a poorly conceived juggling act of coffee, deep-fried pastry and picture taking I dropped it squarely on good gray concrete.  The glass, like so many 80’s music videos, shattered.  In slow motion.


The funny thing is, the phone seems to still work, and I bought one of those plastic film things to cover it so that I don’t end up with slivers of glass in my face or thumbs.  I’m not sure what to do now.  I could use your help.

Do I listen to my nagging tight-wad inner-monologue and do nothing because the phone still works and that money could be spent on ending world hunger or something?

Do I buy a used iPhone and try to minimize spending (Did I mention that I just bought a laptop and consequently I’m not eager to give the Mac store any more of my heard-earned government paycheck?).  I have a friend who is willing to sell me his for a hundy.  I think “a hundy” is street slang for one-hundred.  I’m not sure which street, but I’m going with it.

Do I buy a new iPhone (with a meager government worker discount–jealous?) and finally figuer out why “3G” is really something I should care about?

Do I peal off the broken shards of glass and drink the magic iPhone goo that is underneath making myself a human iPhone?  iMan?  iDork?  Whatever?

(P.S. When you damage your own expensive Apple device don’t bother marching on into the Apple Store and asking “Is this covered under that stupid Apple Care thing that I bought which evidently only covers my phone from dust mites and Rapture and was pretty much the same as flusing money down the terlet?”  They will promply say no.



  1. i think a hundy is street term for hunched back al bundy. but im not from the “streets” as the kids say.

    however, a hundy for a used iphone seems like a decent deal. what are you gonna do with the “broken” one? i might be able to find replacement glass kits.

    Comment by bolig — November 24, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

  2. I’m sure you’ve already checked this out ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1z0pw2VK7M , or http://www.digiexpress.us/biPhone-_c_9.html ) I say go with the Bundy Hundy.

    Comment by heylovie — November 26, 2008 @ 4:36 am

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