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December 29, 2008

Places You Should Eat

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I get very excited when a new restaurant opens up anywhere in Northeast LA.  I spend way too much time up and down the weblike streets of the area wishing that party stores and liquor stores were, I don’t know, necessary.  So when a place opens up that is something I actually need, aaaand they do a good job with the building and the space I get excited.  When it’s a coffee shop my head explodes.

Cafe de Leche

photo-5   photo-6   photo-7

On York Blvd. right next to Jonny’s and the York (at the corner of Avenue 50) a new coffee shop called “Cafe de Leche” opened up.  They sell gourmet coffee.  Taking over an old storefront in a 1920s building that was clearly remodeled in the 1950s (with some jazzy angled windows) the owners created a pretty lovely space.  There are succulents growing around the windows, a simple mural of a Highland Park skyline and a bright green caesar stone countertop.  The aesthetic is simple and very “what’s hot right now” but without being obnoxious and the sort of thing that someone’s going to want to remodel in four years.  I’d like being in there if the coffee wasn’t good.  Fortunately it is good.  It’s expensive ($2 for a small cup) but I prefer to believe that with fair trade practices that the extra 40-cents is paying for someone’s health benefits.  Obviously these folks have made an investment in the neighborhood, so I really hope that it works out well for them.  Also, you should go there.  The wireless password is “Nicaragua.”

Nickel Diner

photo-8   photo-9

Also, if you’re Downtown you should have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Nickel Diner.  It’s a schmancy diner on Main Street, just north of 6th.  The interior has a pretty awesome 1940’s diner-look going on. It’s warm and comfy and helps you overlook the scores of Downtown trust-fund hipsters.  It’s just too comfortable to be scene-ie.  I had an egg, spinach, palenta thing that I am obsessed with learning how to make.  But more importantly they brought over a sample plate of their donuts.  They make a maple glazed donut sprinkled with bacon chunks.  Let me repeat that, a maple donut with BACON.  Get your ass down there.  It’s down the street from my office so I will be there always.



  1. Caesar stone is so hot right now

    Comment by Brother Chris — December 30, 2008 @ 12:27 am

  2. Amy says “Chartreuse is so hot right now.”
    God, she’s lazy.

    Comment by Brother Chris — December 30, 2008 @ 12:29 am

  3. I am glad my first reading was wrong:

    “I had an egg, spinach, placenta thing that I am obsessed with learning how to make.”

    That shop would need some strange supply chains.

    Comment by Rob — January 2, 2009 @ 11:20 am

  4. […] | Successful blog writers everywhere agree, bacon is very in right now (see bacon machine, bacon doughnut) So it only seems appropriate than when someone you love brings you a bacon confectionary item, […]

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