Qualified Condition

February 10, 2009

25 Things

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1.  I played the Tin Man in a Junior High production of Wizard of Oz.  None of us realized that we had to sing when we auditioned.  My voice hadn’t changed yet.

2.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a car designer.  I met a disgruntled Volvo designer in high school who scared me out of it.  What a dick.

3.  I read both of Rush Limbaugh’s books in high school and would have been a Young Republican if the club existed at my school.  I finally jumped ship on the GOP when I realized that they were just going to replace Trent Lott with another racist asshole.  No, I never voted for Bush.

4.  I got into urban planning while I was attending Architecture Camp at Cal Poly SLO in high school.

5.  The first time I got drunk was in a Del Taco parking lot with my cool older sister’s friends.  I drank a bottle of Boone’s Strawberry Hill and half a Mickey’s.  I had fun, but it did little for my dork status.

6.  My parents designed and built the house that I grew up in.  The kitchen was harvest gold, which I am convinced is the most appropriate color for a place where food is made.

7.  My granddad was a fairly well-known hot rodder in the 1940s and 1950s and met my nana at a drive-in restaurant in Hollywood.  She was a car hop.  No, they didn’t wear roller skates.

8.  I almost always carry a Uni-ball Vision Micro pen in my right pocket.  I have ruined about five pairs of pants with this practice.  

9.  In most instances I love public speaking.  I have started going back to keeping better organized notes though, because Joe Biden is a verbal train wreck and I have a secret fear that I might sound like him if I am not careful.

10.  If I had a bigger yard I would own a pit bull.  I love all dogs though.

11.  I much prefer eating out for breakfast than for dinner.

12.  I get secret joy out of parallel parking, and starting a stick-shift from a stop, on a hill, without using the hand-break.  I don’t think I will every purposefully own a car with an automatic.

13.  I have recently begun to have serious thoughts about wanting to be a dad.

14.  My first job was as a busboy at a Denny’s in Atascadero.  It was gross.  I worked a litany of food service jobs in high school and college to pay my way through school.  I say a quiet thank you every time I open my reliable government paycheck stub.

15.  My first car was a banana yellow ’69 Mercury Cougar with metallic gold vinyl seats and glass-pack exhaust.  You could hear it for blocks and the noise set off car alarms in parking garages.

16.  The first time I kissed a girl was in the summer after fourth grade.  The first time I kissed a man I was 27.  The latter cost me my job in a round-about way.

17.  I am annoyed when people are picky about food for non-social justice reasons (sometimes those annoy me too), though I personally hate avocados.

18.  I really wish one of my friends would throw a sweaty messy fun dance party.  Or come to mine.

19.  I love waterskiing.

20.  The most fun I have had at a concert was when I saw Blur at the Wiltern with my friend Laura.  Damon was looking at me Laura.

21.  I am in love.

22.  When I envision eminent-death experiences (like when my airplane is in turbulence and part of my brain starts to think that we’re all going to die) I immediately start to write a letter in my head to my mom to tell her that I love her.

23.  I have every line from the movie Clue memorized.  Communism is indeed a red herring.

24.  I can do a cartwheel.

25.  When I apologize I always try to say “will you forgive me.”



  1. 25 things has become quite the phenomenon . . . do you have nice toes too?

    Damon and I had a CONNECTION.

    Comment by laura — February 10, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

  2. Wow! I didn’t know you thought I was cool. Does that still apply or just back in 91 when you didn’t know better?

    Comment by babies mama — February 26, 2009 @ 4:27 am

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