Qualified Condition

April 9, 2009

Better Day

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I’m pretty sure that this is going to be a good day.  This morning Kenny showed me a video of choreographed spontaneous sing and dance along to “Do RaMe Fa So La Ti Do” that took place at a London train station.  It’s pretty amazing to see hundreds dancing in the middle of a public space while everyone’s inner-child looks on in complete joy.  I’ll post the link when I’m not at work and can access YouTube without getting fired.

Then, on the way to work I got to hold the train door for an old Chinese woman who was running up the train platform.  She was tiny and had a plaid bag on wheels and a red cap and a big smile.  Normally I would frown on holding the train up for someone (and I’ve certainly been left behind enough times myself) but she was so damn cute, I’m pretty sure that everyone on the train would have wanted me to if they could have had a say.

I think both of these things are reminders that people can be fundamentally good to one another and also kind of fun–and it’s helpful remember that on the way to this big, and often soul-crushing, white tower that I work in.



  1. yes, it’s amazing how those things can make or break a day. the other day at school i was about to buy a daily parking permit, and a guy stopped me and gave me his because he was leaving. it made me so happy that i did it on tuesday for someone else.

    Comment by christie — April 9, 2009 @ 6:10 pm

  2. This is a video that makes me happy: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=66215326641&h=jDQI7&u=fKJBv&ref=mf. Even though I have mixed feelings about guerrilla theater as a rule, this is definitely an example of people using it for good instead of evil.

    Comment by Cheryl — April 10, 2009 @ 12:59 am

  3. my office is next door to one of the biggest tourist attractions in great britain. every day i have to weave in and out of about a million people who don’t understand that i’m not interested in waiting for each of them to photograph the view i happen to be walking in front of. so thanks for the reminder to be kind to strangers….

    Comment by elcaballo — April 11, 2009 @ 11:32 am

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