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April 20, 2009

Such as Iraq and Gay Marriages

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I try not to watch the news on television very often.  It only takes about one or two episodes of the Daily Show to understand that TV news has become a prisoner of its own 24-hour news cycle, and the need to prattle on hour after hour means that about 98% of what is being said isn’t news—it’s funny, in a “oh my God our society is becoming stupider by the minute,” kind of way, but it isn’t news.  However, the TV was on where I bought lunch today and this week, it seems we are talking a lot about Miss California’s remarks in the Miss USA pageant, which may have cost her the crown.
First of all, are we still doing beauty pageants?  And isn’t Miss USA the poor man’s Miss America, or has the tables turned while none of us was paying attention? 
In any event, the beautiful blonde Miss Golden State was asked, by Perez Hilton of course, whether she felt that other states in the union should follow Vermont’s lead and allow same-sex marriage.  I want to commend the pageant for asking something topical and relevant, but I won’t.  I won’t because the question wasn’t being asked to anyone that actually matters.  It was asked to a beauty queen, and now we’re stuck hearing about it until the Obama’s dog shits on the Lincoln Bedroom rug.
Now if Miss CA was smart, she would have taken a political science angle on the question and talked about how great it is that individual states have their own governance and have legislators that serve the will of the people, blah blah blah.  But she’s probably not smart.  She’s not known to us as a Rhodes Scholar, she’s known to us as an evening gown and swimwear, and so instead she gave her honest opinion on the topic.  She was raised to believe marriage works a certain way. 
You can’t really fault her for being honest (okay, you can fault her for following it up with a classless “no offence.”), and you can only fault her a little for blaming her upbringing as opposed to her own convictions for her opinion.  But again, she’s MISS CALIFORNIA.  Either we need to stop making beauty queens talk, or we need to stop being surprised/shocked/whatever when they do.



  1. I was raised not to believe in tanning salons, so I question some of Miss Cali’s values as well.

    Comment by Cheryl — April 22, 2009 @ 12:56 am

  2. seriously. she also said “…you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage” which i fault her for. wtf is “opposite marriage”? i also fault her for wearing a white dress. a white dress with feathers.

    Comment by christie — April 22, 2009 @ 2:27 am

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